Renting Cars Under 25 years
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Renting Cars Under 25 years

It's not always easy renting a car if you're under 25. For the most part, the larger car rental companies will not rent to persons under 25 unless they are part of a corporate or organization's discount program. The minimum age policy and surcharge policy varies from company to company and can even vary between a companyís different locations.

If you happen to be going to a busy airport, you can do well with local independents or specific franchise locations of national chains. These companies may be scarce except at large airports. They usually have a minimum age policy of 21 with a very few allowing a minimum age of 18.

Additional Driver Fees and Underage Driver Fees are costs that an agency assesses when you share the driving with a companion or when a driver is under a certain age. Generally underage terms and fees are applicable for additional driver.

Some of the Companies that rent for underage:

Fox Rent a Car allows you as long as you are at least 21 years of age and meet all other car rental qualifications. but they are limited by number of locations.

Hotwire For drivers under the age of 25, an underage charge is added to the car rental rate. This charge varies by car rental location, but you will see it before committing to a purchase on Hotwire.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the few companies that rents automobiles to people under the age of 25 but with additional charges for increased risk.

Some Rental Companies that have a general policy of renting only to those over 25, have special agreements with certain corporate accounts allowing rentals to corporate employees who are under 25. In some cases, they will also wave any surcharge for those employees. However, the corporate employees are often limited to renting the car for only business purposes. You can check with the Rental Companies or your corporate travel departments to see if you are eligible for these programs.

Driver must present a Valid Driverís License and a major Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners, JCB, American Express, Carte Blanche) in his/her name at time of rental (debit cards or check cards are accepted for payment only and does not qualify as requirement of rental)

Learner's Permits are not generally accepted.

Your License must be valid for the entire rental period.

Some companies give discounts if you can provide a valid student ID at the time of rental.

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U.S. Government employees or military personnel as young as 18 years old can often arrange to rent if they are on official business and traveling with orders.


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